Super-critical CO2 Botanical Oil Extraction Applications

Super-critical CO2 is becoming an important commercial and industrial solvent due to its role in chemical extraction and its low toxicity and environmental impact. Fractional Extraction uses the solvency power of CO2 at different pressures and temperatures to isolate desired oils, waxes and other herbal distillates from a variety of plant species. Our food grade […] Read more »

Analyzer Filters

To satisfy an extremely wide range of analyzer sample filter applications, we supply a complete line of filter housings in Stainless Steel, PTFE, Monel, Hastelloy, Nylon, and other corrosive resistant materials. Our choice of high efficiency filter elements for gas and liquid streams allows for the utmost in minimizing pressure drop and service intervals. Our […] Read more »

Cost Savings and Point of Use Filtration go Hand in Hand with United Filtration

Headline’s miniature coalescing filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and general air/gas “point of use” filtration applications. These filters provide excellent coalescing protection for instrumentation, valves, and regulators. They are an ideal choice for OEMs because of their robust construction and low cost. Being 100% machined aluminum, Headline Filter’s assemblies provide a distinct advantage […] Read more »

Nine Questions to Determine the Correct Filter Housing

Our wide range of filter housing and element combinations enable us to supply the most suitable product for your application and specifications. To select the correct filter housing the following information about the application is required: Questions: 1. Maximum Pressure 2. Maximum Temperature 3. Chemical & Physical Composition of the Stream Items 1, 2, and […] Read more »

Sight Glass Housings

Our SG series of housings are a variation of our drain vessel housings and are a simple, cost effective answer to our customers needing sight glasses for corrosive applications.  We use 316L stainless steel end plates and internals which sandwich a Pyrex glass bowl in place.  There are no external bolts or rods holding the […] Read more »

Automatic Float Drains for Instrument Air Filters

Automatic float drains are a simple cost effective way to evacuate liquids from a filter vessel.  As of now we offer one basic unit which can be installed in our 300 series aluminum filter assembles.  This float drain should only be used in compressed air or with inert gases, and should be properly piped to […] Read more »

Alternative to Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas

United Filtration offers a full range of filter assemblies to the Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas.  Our assemblies are 100% machined anodized aluminum which provides superior pressure ratings than the Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas. This design allows us to rate these housings at 500; 1,000; and 1,500 psig.  […] Read more »

Looking For An Alternative For The Fisher 252 Filter?

We are often asked to supply alternative products.  One customer needed a housing similar to the Emerson Process Management’s Fisher 252 but with a higher working pressure.  The Fisher 252 is rated at 2,150 psig (190 bar) and we offered an extended version of our 122 series filter housing called the 122LB-PVF series.  This housing uses […] Read more »

Proper Placement of Coalescing Filters

Coalescing filters are designed to remove condensed water droplets in an air or gas stream.  Remember the filters should be placed as close as possible to the application (valve, meter, instrumentation, regulator) they are protecting.  They should also be placed in the coolest spot in the line to assure that condensation does not happen post […] Read more »