Compressor Stations

Compressor stations are an integral part of the natural gas transport system since these stations move the gas to market through the pipeline network. These are typically spread 40 to 60 miles apart and compress natural gas to move it through the pipelines to the final destination. Most stations use either a Turbine/Centrifugal Compressor or […] Read more »

Cost Savings and Point of Use Filtration go Hand in Hand with United Filtration

Headline’s miniature coalescing filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and general air/gas “point of use” filtration applications. These filters provide excellent coalescing protection for instrumentation, valves, and regulators. They are an ideal choice for OEMs because of their robust construction and low cost. Being 100% machined aluminum, Headline Filter’s assemblies provide a distinct advantage […] Read more »

Automatic Float Drains for Instrument Air Filters

Automatic float drains are a simple cost effective way to evacuate liquids from a filter vessel.  As of now we offer one basic unit which can be installed in our 300 series aluminum filter assembles.  This float drain should only be used in compressed air or with inert gases, and should be properly piped to […] Read more »

Alternative to Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas

United Filtration offers a full range of filter assemblies to the Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas.  Our assemblies are 100% machined anodized aluminum which provides superior pressure ratings than the Parker Finite H-Series for Compressed Air & Gas. This design allows us to rate these housings at 500; 1,000; and 1,500 psig.  […] Read more »

3/8″ Ports

By popular demand we now stock our 360 and 370 series with 3/8″ inlet/outlet port connections.  We stock these units in the following models: 360, 360F, 360A, 360AF, 370, 370F, 370A, & 370AF. For more information please call (586) 802-5561 or email Read more »