Analyzer Filters

To satisfy an extremely wide range of analyzer sample filter applications, we supply a complete line of filter housings in Stainless Steel, PTFE, Monel, Hastelloy, Nylon, and other corrosive resistant materials. Our choice of high efficiency filter elements for gas and liquid streams allows for the utmost in minimizing pressure drop and service intervals. Our […] Read more »

Are you looking for a user friendly Membrane Separator to protect your online analyzer?

Our newly introduced GMS170 membrane with integral coalescing filter element builds on our tradition of providing compact, easy to service separators. The coalescing cartridge removes 99+% of liquids allowing the membrane to polish off any trace fluids, and the filter cartridge protect the membrane from damaging particles. UFS supplies industry standard membranes which interchange with both Balston and […] Read more »

Are you looking for an alternative to the Genie A+ Model 101?

United Filtration/Headline Filters offers a direct replacement for the Genie model 101 membrane separator. Our model GMS100 is a direct replacement and will remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas sample applications. The beauty of this separator is that no tools are required to open the housing making service a snap. The uncomplicated […] Read more »

Why Use SilcoNert® Treated Filter Housings?

Because high durability stainless steel filters have a tremendous amount of adsorptive stainless steel surface area the surface will adsorb or capture H2S, mercaptans, and other sulfur compounds; making analyzers like CEMS (continuous emission monitors) ineffective.  Sulfur adsorption can hold up accurate CEMS measurements by up to 90 minutes or more. SilcoNert® 2000 gives the […] Read more »

Inverted Housings

In many sample conditioning applications, space is limited, and maintenance is extremely critical for proper protection.  Our inverted housings address both these issues by putting all line connections in the “head” of the unit.  This allows for all the tubing to be placed in one plane within the panel, and makes maintenance (element service) easy […] Read more »


Bubblers are used on some environmental systems as part of the calibration process, which is called an interface check. The operator passes a known concentration of gas through the water-filled container (bubbler). This humidifies the gas so the analyzer may read it. It is typically done before each test to ensure that the analyzer is […] Read more »