DIF vs. DFU vs. IDN

What do the three terms represent: DIF = Disposable In-Line Filter DFU = Disposable Filter Unit IDN = In-Line Disposable Essentially, the three terms thing varys by manufacturers. Regardless, of the term, they all mean a small point of use completely encapsulated filter (typically a nylon body) with a disposable microfiber element ultrasonically welded inside […] Read more »

Cost Savings and Point of Use Filtration go Hand in Hand with United Filtration

Headline’s miniature coalescing filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and general air/gas “point of use” filtration applications. These filters provide excellent coalescing protection for instrumentation, valves, and regulators. They are an ideal choice for OEMs because of their robust construction and low cost. Being 100% machined aluminum, Headline Filter’s assemblies provide a distinct advantage […] Read more »

Need an Alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or Finite® IDN-6G?

Need an alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or a Finite® IDN-6G; our Model DIF-BN50 is the answer! Our Disposable Inline Filters, also known as DIF’s, are great alternatives to the Balston® DFU Series or the Finite® IDN Series.  DIF’s are ideal for many analytical/instrumentation systems such as environmental monitoring to portable gas detection units. They […] Read more »