Instrument Air Filters

United Filtration offers several types of filter assembly’s ideal for an instrument air supply applications. We offer a full line of inline T-Style aluminum filter assembly’s, as well as integral filter regulators. The heart of both of these units is the bonded microfiber glass coalescing filter element provides superior protection down to .01 micron. Our […] Read more »

What is Instrument Air?

The term “Instrument Air” refers to an extremely clean supply of compressed air that is free from contaminates such as moisture & particulates. A system may utilize instrument air for various types of pneumatic equipment, valves & electrical controls. High efficiency filtration eliminates issues with pneumatic valves and electrical/pneumatic controls caused by suspended liquids, such […] Read more »

Cost Savings and Point of Use Filtration go Hand in Hand with United Filtration

Headline’s miniature coalescing filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and general air/gas “point of use” filtration applications. These filters provide excellent coalescing protection for instrumentation, valves, and regulators. They are an ideal choice for OEMs because of their robust construction and low cost. Being 100% machined aluminum, Headline Filter’s assemblies provide a distinct advantage […] Read more »

How Coalescing Filtration Works

Borosilicate glass microfibers are considered to be the ideal filter media available for the coalescing of liquid aerosols. This material is neither liquid adsorbent nor absorbent and consequently, is superior for retaining its original properties while in service. The C-Type element has a two-layer structure, an inner particle capture-layer and an outer drainage layer. Liquid […] Read more »