DIF vs. DFU vs. IDN

What do the three terms represent: DIF = Disposable In-Line Filter DFU = Disposable Filter Unit IDN = In-Line Disposable Essentially, the three terms thing varys by manufacturers. Regardless, of the term, they all mean a small point of use completely encapsulated filter (typically a nylon body) with a disposable microfiber element ultrasonically welded inside […] Read more »

Need an Alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or Finite® IDN-6G?

Need an alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or a Finite® IDN-6G; our Model DIF-BN50 is the answer! Our Disposable Inline Filters, also known as DIF’s, are great alternatives to the Balston® DFU Series or the Finite® IDN Series.  DIF’s are ideal for many analytical/instrumentation systems such as environmental monitoring to portable gas detection units. They […] Read more »

Multiple Uses for Large DIF’s

The DIF- LN50C-1/4” is an inexpensive option as a small vacuum pump exhaust filter. It can be used on a number of pumps where a maximum of 3 SCFM is being vented. Keep in mind some pumps may need adaptors for the DIF-LN50C-1/4”, but this is common for vacuum applications. The filter unit is ideal […] Read more »