Heated Filters for Emissions and Sample Conditioning

United Filtration Systems offers a full line of heated filter assemblies for your emissions monitoring, stack gas sampling, and chemical analysis equipment.  The key to our heated filter modules is the heating element, which is machine woven into a silicone jacket and then wrapped on to the filter body. The automated weaving provides precise consistency […] Read more »

Drying Columns

United Filtration Systems offers a full line of refillable inline desiccant columns offered in plastic or aluminum construction with integral filter pads and stainless steel compression springs ensuring a consistently compressed drying bed.   Set-up flexibility is delivered by offering 1/4” and 1/2” female connections, thus allowing a variety of adaptors to be utilized installation.  Our plastic […] Read more »

Are you looking for a user friendly Membrane Separator to protect your online analyzer?

Our newly introduced GMS170 membrane with integral coalescing filter element builds on our tradition of providing compact, easy to service separators. The coalescing cartridge removes 99+% of liquids allowing the membrane to polish off any trace fluids, and the filter cartridge protect the membrane from damaging particles. UFS supplies industry standard membranes which interchange with both Balston and […] Read more »

Guardian Spin Clean Technology is a cut above the rest

Guardian Spin Clean technology was developed not only to function in the field as an effective means to remove small micron particles from both liquid and vapor samples, but it was also made with the service technician in mind.  The Guardian Spin Clean is based on our proprietary design which means that just like with […] Read more »

Are you looking for an alternative to the Genie A+ Model 101?

United Filtration/Headline Filters offers a direct replacement for the Genie model 101 membrane separator. Our model GMS100 is a direct replacement and will remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas sample applications. The beauty of this separator is that no tools are required to open the housing making service a snap. The uncomplicated […] Read more »

Cost Savings and Point of Use Filtration go Hand in Hand with United Filtration

Headline’s miniature coalescing filters are an excellent choice for instrumentation and general air/gas “point of use” filtration applications. These filters provide excellent coalescing protection for instrumentation, valves, and regulators. They are an ideal choice for OEMs because of their robust construction and low cost. Being 100% machined aluminum, Headline Filter’s assemblies provide a distinct advantage […] Read more »