Tracking Numbers

For your convenience, our invoices now contain your shipment’s UPS or FED EX tracking number.  We hope this added information simplifies your records.  If your order shipped via freight please allow us 24 hours after the departure to provide a pro number from the carrier. If you want your invoices emailed please contact Wendy ( […] Read more »

United Filtration’s Integral Filter Regulator

United Filtration’s integral filter regulators (FR) are ideal for applications where space is limited, and clean regulated air is a must.  This compact piggyback design provides high efficiency filtration and accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other pneumatic equipment.  Our high efficiency coalescing element protects the regulator from contaminants for worry free service.  Each […] Read more »

Need an Alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or Finite® IDN-6G?

Need an alternative to a Balston® 9933-05-BQ or a Finite® IDN-6G; our Model DIF-BN50 is the answer! Our Disposable Inline Filters, also known as DIF’s, are great alternatives to the Balston® DFU Series or the Finite® IDN Series.  DIF’s are ideal for many analytical/instrumentation systems such as environmental monitoring to portable gas detection units. They […] Read more »

Stainless Steel Elements

Our Stainless Steel elements offer excellent chemical resistance and maximum differential pressure drop ratings.  Try them in your most demanding applications. Our Stainless Steel elements are recommended for filtration of heavily contaminated gases, liquids, polymers, and steam, since they are re-cleanable by back-flushing or ultrasonic cleaning.  They should also be exclusively used in our FAST LOOP […] Read more »

Nine Questions to Determine the Correct Filter Housing

Our wide range of filter housing and element combinations enable us to supply the most suitable product for your application and specifications. To select the correct filter housing the following information about the application is required: Questions: 1. Maximum Pressure 2. Maximum Temperature 3. Chemical & Physical Composition of the Stream Items 1, 2, and […] Read more »