Stainless Steel Elements

Stainless Steel elements are recommended for filtration of heavily contaminated gases, liquids, polymers, and steam, since they are re-cleanable by back-flushing or ultrasonic cleaning. The elements consist of five layers of precision-woven 316L stainless steel mesh formed into cylinders and sintered together.

Five layers offer surface area and depth area for removing solids and dropping out liquids. This rigid, durable construction provides precise pore size distribution, flow permeability and lower initial pressure drop. The entire element is then sintered at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere furnace to diffusion bond all the layers at every contact point. This creates a bonded media that is strong, ductile and corrosion resistant.

We offer seven standard grades of filtration, which fit our Headline Filters line of housings, as well as other proprietary brands. Micron Sizes: 0.5, 1, 3, 10, 25, 50,100, 200 at 98% efficiency in gases and liquids. Grade 25 (25 micron) is widely used to protect pumps and valves while grade 03 (3 micron) is recommended for removal of pipe scale from steam. The SS Elements are environmentally friendly because they are durable and non-absorbent, they can be backwashed, cleaned and reused, thus eliminating a major disposal headache.

This unique construction makes our stainless steel elements a good choice for maintenance free hospital steam sterilizer applications. The multiple layers of mesh act as a very effective water condensate filter. The elements come complete with Teflon seals/adaptors, which allow them to be used in Balston, Headline, or UFS Filter Housings.

Non-standard and exotic filters are supplied in sintered metal rather than woven mesh. We can provide down to 0.5 micron in this format.

We offer a wide variety of Stack Gas Filter Probe elements built to your specifications. Simply contact us with your details and we will provide a quick and comprehensive quote.


  • High Strength / No Media Migration
  • Special Order Micron Sizes Available
  • Re-Cleanable / Back-Flushed
  • Temperature Range of -65°F to 1000°F
  • Able To Withstand 1000 PSIG Differential
  • Wide Micron Range: 0.5, 01, 03, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200


  • Sample Process Filters
  • Viscous Filtration
  • Corrosive Service
  • Liquid / Fast Loop Service
  • For Service In High Pressure Swing Systems
Stainless Steel
Fits (Housing Series)
Model NumberI.D. x LengthRating(1)
SS-12-32-0.5” X 1.25”2000 PSIDModel 110, 315, 705/710 Series
SS-12-57-0.5” X 2.25”2000 PSIDModel 120, 315L Series
SS-12-76-0.5” X 2.99”2000 PSIDModel 122LB-PVF
SS-12-127-0.5” X 5.00”750 PSIDModel 127IL-3
SS-25-64-1.0” X 2.50”750 PSIDModel 130, 360, 755/760 Series
SS-25-178-1.0” X 7.00”750 PSIDModel 140, 370, 780 Series
SS-38-152-1.5” X 6.00”400 PSIDModel 380AHP Series
SS-51-213-2.0” X 8.39”70 PSIDModel 150SCK Series
SS-51-230-2.0” X 9.00”70 PSIDModel 150, 385A Series
SS-51-460-2.0” X 18.11”70 PSIDModel 160SCK Series
SS-51-476-2.0” X 18.75”70 PSIDModel 160, 390A Series

Notes: (1) This is a maximum differential pressure, not maximum throughput pressure.

Ordering Information:

The stainless steel elements are provided with a PTFE gasket set standard designated by “T”, or with a Viton seal designated by a “V” at no additional charge. A grafoil gasket set is also available for temperatures between 500°F and 1000°F and are designated by a “G”. There is a nominal charge for grafoil. Enter the gasket material after part number.

Example Part Number: SS-12-57-25T

Maximum temperature of PTFE gaskets and elements is 500°F
Maximum temperature of Viton gaskets and elements is 400°F
Maximum temperature of Grafoil gaskets and elements is 1000°F