Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements for Liquid Service

Our high efficiency PEL filter elements are constructed from virgin polyethylene (H.D.P.E.). The material is in powdered/granular form and then compressed into a sintered tube. This process allows the filter element to be free from foreign binders. Thus, the only compatibility issue is with polyethylene. No end caps or gaskets are necessary to seal the element into place. Axial compression is used to create a seal on the flat surface of the element. The PEL elements are naturally hydrophobic.

In liquid applications, slight pressure will force liquid through the element while at the same time repelling any dirt “particulate” which is encapsulated in the water. The element uses two filtration techniques, surface area and depth. Typical flow direction is out to in, since dirt is visible on the outside surface area and the outer diameter is larger for increased surface filtration. The elements may be back flushed in place, or cleaned ultrasonically, however their low cost makes it economical to dispose of.

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