Disposable Thimble Filters

United Filtration Systems disposable Thimble Filters are manufactured from 100% High Purity Borosilicate Glass and are completely free of binders or additives.  Since there is no “off gassing” they are ideal for use in emissions testing applications.

This type of filter offers exceptional filtration efficiency at very low pressure drops and the high porosity gives a very long service life.

The filter elements are bonded to impart high strength and reduced fiber shedding.  Operation temperatures of 500°C can be achieved since no binders are used during construction.

Efficiency:  99.99% removal of 0.8 micron particles


  • Ideal For Emission Testing
  • High Purity Borosilicate Glass
  • Completely Free Of Binders


  • Emission Testing
  • Heavy Particle Loading
  • Retrofit Infield Analyzers
Element ModelT31X100ST36X100S
Box Quantity2525