Diesel Particulate Filters

This variety of product is used for stack emission control, ambient air monitoring, and diesel particulate testing where particulate is captured for compliance and certification purposes. The pure formulation of this product provides fast and accurate sampling results. Commonly referred to as “diesel particulate” or “weigh room” filters they go hand and hand with our borosilicate microfiber emission double open ended elements.   We stock a wide variety of these industry standards for immediate delivery.


  • Pallflex PM Filters
  • Meets Heavy Duty Emissions Standards
  • Pall Teflo For Certification PM Sampling
  • Ideal For Ambient PM Sampling


  • Diesel Engine Testing
  • Heavy Duty Engine Testing
  • EPA Compliance

Pall Emfab Filters
Filter MediaBorosilicate microfibers reinforced with woven glass cloth and bonded with PTFE
Diameters Available46.2mm, 47mm, 70mm, 90mm
Typical Thickness148µm (7 mils)
Typical Filter Weight5.0 mg/cm2
Typical Water Flow
Rated at 5 PSIG (0.35 Bar)32 mL/min/cm2
Typical Air Flow Rate
Rated at 10 PSIG (0.7 Bar)68 L/in/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature-Air260°C (500°F)
Typical Aerosol Retention (DOP)99.90%

Pall Teflo: 2.0 micron, 47mm PTFE with support ring

Whatman PM2.5: 2.0 micron, 46.2mm PTFE with support ring
(Sequentially Numbered)

Pall Teflo
DescriptionR2PJ047Whatman PM 2.5
Filter MediaPTFE MembranePTFE Membrane
Typical Thickness46µm (1.8 mils)40µm
Typical Air Flow Rate
Rated at 10 PSIG (0.7 Bar)53 L/min/cm2Not Applicable
Particle Retention (DOP)99.99%99.70%
Filter Pore Size2 µm2 µm
Support Ring MediaPMP (Polymethylpentene)Polypropylene