Chemical Injection Filters

The model 126-LSS-12-57-100/26G is a compact high-pressure filter assembly. The low internal volume provides quick response time and the solid machined SS construction offers an excellent safety rating at high-pressure operation. The two-port design eliminates a potential leak point that a traditional drain plug would exhibit. A captured viton o-ring provides excellent chemical compatibility and positive sealing with every service interval.

The 100-micron SS filter screen offers exceptional filtration while still providing high flow rates for such a compact design. The element’s small diameter eliminates the need for a collapse core thus increasing true filtration area and providing longer element life.


  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5,000 PSIG Rating
  • Compact Design


  • Chemical Injection Filter
  • Capillary Well Tube Protection
  • High Pressure Manifold Filter

Housing Model126 w/ LSS-12-57-100/26G
Port Size (NPT)1/4”"
Drain Type (NPT)No Drain
Maximum Pressure (psig)5000
Internal Volume (cc)30
Maximum Temp. - Viton (400ºF) StandardGV110
Maximum Temp. - Kalrez (600ºF)KZ110
Weight of Housing (lbs)1
Principle Dimensions: (inches)
Center Of Port To Head0.39
Head diameter1.42
Overall Length4.21
Element Removal Clearance2.36
Filter Element Codes: (1)
Stainless Steel ScreenLSS-12-57-100/26G
Stainless Steel 5-Layer MeshSS-12-57-□
Materials Of Construction: (2)
Head & Internals316LSS
O-Rings (Standard)Viton
Mounting BracketMBSS110
MICRON SIZE126 Series with SS-12-57-xx
0.52 (.12)
15 (0.3)
311 (0.7)
1026 (1.6)
2527 (1.7)
5029 (1.8)
100 (Standard)33 (2.1)
20041 (2.6)

(1) Replace ‘□’ with grade required, e.g. 25-64-50C, PT-25-178-03
(2) Material abbreviations, 316LSS = 316L Stainless Steel
(3) Flow rates are gallons per hour (liters per minute)

At the heart of our filter products is the filter element. Choosing the correct element insures proper results for your specific application:

Stainless Steel Mesh Elements

Our “L” series of Stainless Steel elements are recommend with use on chemical injectors and down hole capillary strings since they are an effective and low cost solution. Available Microns are: 10, 25, 50, 75, & 100.

Stainless Steel 5-Layer Mesh Elements

Stainless steel elements (SS) are designed for the filtration of heavily contaminated gas samples, CNG, and liquid streams since they are recleanable by back flushing or ultrasonic cleaning. Standard microns available: 0.5, 1, 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200.

  • Ideal For Down Hole Capillary Strings
  • Complete With 100 Micron SS Mesh Element
  • Excellent For Corrosive Service