Bubblers are used on some environmental systems as part of the calibration process, which is called an interface check. The operator passes a known concentration of gas through the water-filled container (bubbler). This humidifies the gas so the analyzer may read it. It is typically done before each test to ensure that the analyzer is working properly. The operator will compare the analyzer’s reading with the known concentration to make sure they are equal.

These units are constructed entirely of nylon with a single captured Viton O-ring for chemical durability. The filter retainer has been replaced with a specially machined nylon stack containing a precision-cut hole milled down the center for a constant low-flow sweep of gas. The bowl is then filled with water, which bubbles as the gas passes through (hence the name).

Headline’s 745NB, 755NB and 755PCB are a cost effective solution to other types of expensive bubblers that are on the market. The bubblers are also available in Kynar or polypropylene, making them resistant to most chemicals.

We take in pride in being able to quickly and economically modify any of our filter housings into “bubblers”. Whether it is stainless, aluminum or plastic, simply add the “BB” suffix to a part number and we automatically make it into a bubbler.

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