We offer vapor adsorption cartridges comprised of an inner and outer filter tubes with the space between filled with adsorbent. The cartridges are sealed with end caps and provide a positive o-ring seal on each end. Flow rates are the same as for grade 50 elements in the same size bodies. However, with adsorption, more important considerations will be the volume of adsorbent and the contact time.


  • Wide Range Of Adsorbents
  • Small Re-Sealable Bulk Quantities Available
  • No Handling Of Loose Adsorbents With Cartridge Form


  • Purify Lab / Gas
  • Analyzer Protection
  • Point-Of-Use Adsorption
  • High Pressure Gas Production
For Stainless Steel Housings
For Aluminum & Plastics
Volume of Adsorbent in Cubic
End Caps/SealFlow at 100 PSIG
12-32-XXTRE12-32-XX61.25”Nylon/No Seal5 SCFM
12-57-XXTRE12-57-XX92.25”Nylon/Buna-N10 SCFM
25-64-XXTRE25-64-XX202.50”Nylon/Buna-N15 SCFM
25-178-XXTRE25-178-XX907.00”Nylon/Buna-N40 SCFM
38-152-XXTRE38-152-XX1306.00”PVC/Buna-N80 SCFM
51-230-XX51-230-XX2209.00”PVC/Buna-N125 SCFM
51-476-XX51-476-XX53018.75”PVC/Buna-N250 SCFM
63-762-XX63-762-XX101030.00”PVC/Buna-N560 SCFM

(1) Replace “xx” with adsorption required: CC, 4A, 13X, SG, DR, MB, PP, HO, SB, CS

Activated CarbonCC*Adsorption of hydrocarbons and other organic vapors
Zero Air Calibration
Molecular Sieve 4A4AAdsorption of CO2, NH3, H2S, SOX
Molecular Sieve 13X13XAdsorption of CO2, NH3, H2S, SOX, aromatics, amines
Silica GelSGAdsorption of water vapor
Drierite - Anhydrous Calcium SulfateDRAdsorption of water vapor
Mixed BasesMBRemoval of acidic gases, CO2, SOX, NOX, HCI
Potassium PermanganatePPRemoval of SOX, Hg, and other acidic gases
HopcaliteHORemoval of CO by catalytic oxidation to CO2
Sodium BicarbonateSBAcid Neutralizer
Copper SulfateCSRemoval of ammonia

Note: (*)
Headline’s “CC” Adsorption Cartridges are comprised entirely of highly adsorbent fibrous charcoal in the form of a strong, flexible cloth. It has a much larger dynamic adsorption capacity than granular or other charcoal impregnated materials. Plus, the “cc” exhibits much lower degradation of performance in moist conditions than other charcoals. The carbon cloth is protected both inside and outside by a high efficiency layer of borosilicate glass microfiber, eliminating the chance for carbon dust carryover.

Carbon cloth absorbers should be protected by coalescing prefilters 70C and 50C to ensure optimal performance. Typically, carbon can hold 20-30% of its weight in contaminates.