Why Use SilcoNert® Treated Filter Housings?

Because high durability stainless steel filters have a tremendous amount of adsorptive stainless steel surface area the surface will adsorb or capture H2S, mercaptans, and other sulfur compounds; making analyzers like CEMS (continuous emission monitors) ineffective.  Sulfur adsorption can hold up accurate CEMS measurements by up to 90 minutes or more. SilcoNert® 2000 gives the […] Read more »

How Coalescing Filtration Works

Borosilicate glass microfibers are considered to be the ideal filter media available for the coalescing of liquid aerosols. This material is neither liquid adsorbent nor absorbent and consequently, is superior for retaining its original properties while in service. The C-Type element has a two-layer structure, an inner particle capture-layer and an outer drainage layer. Liquid […] Read more »