Why Specify Headline Coalescing Elements?

Borosilicate glass microfibers are considered to be the ideal filter media available for the coalescing of liquid aerosols. This material is neither liquid absorbent nor adsorbent and consequently, is superior for retaining its original properties while in service. This is extremely desired in analytical service so that the composition of the sample is not altered. […] Read more »

Socket welds (SW), tube stubs (TS), or Flanges

Our standard product comes with female NPT ports, but as we move forward and provide product at higher pressure ratings, and service new industries we continue to add to the variety of connections we offer. Socket weld (SW), tube stub (TS), butt weld (BW), SAE, and flanged connections are available, and we even stock a […] Read more »

Multiple Uses for Large DIF’s

The DIF- LN50C-1/4” is an inexpensive option as a small vacuum pump exhaust filter. It can be used on a number of pumps where a maximum of 3 SCFM is being vented. Keep in mind some pumps may need adaptors for the DIF-LN50C-1/4”, but this is common for vacuum applications. The filter unit is ideal […] Read more »


Bubblers are used on some environmental systems as part of the calibration process, which is called an interface check. The operator passes a known concentration of gas through the water-filled container (bubbler). This humidifies the gas so the analyzer may read it. It is typically done before each test to ensure that the analyzer is […] Read more »