Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements for Gas Service

Besides our disposable microfiber filters we also offer Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements.  The PEL elements are great as pre-filters, and ideal for heavily contaminated gas systems.

In compressed air / gas applications, the PEL elements may be utilized as pre-coalescers or initial coarse filters in severely contaminated systems.  The PEL’s sintered pore structure is perfect for deflecting substantial amounts of particles and breaking down large liquid droplets into aerosols that a downstream coalescer can filter at higher efficiency.  The 75 Micron grade is recommended for this task since it exhibits the best flow curves.

Keep in mind that the PEL element has more mass than a disposable microfiber element; therefore it will exhibit about a 2-3 time higher pressure drop.  They are also perfect as particulate filters and / or bulk liquid knockouts in high pressure gas systems where dramatic pressure swings occur.  The surface tension along with the depth porosity traps contaminates.

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