Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR Filter Elements

United Filtration Systems borosilicate microfiber, Acid Washed (AW) series of elements capture the excess ammonia that is introduced into the emission stream. This scrubbing is done by a chemical bond between the ammonia (NH3) and the acid washed (Phosphoric) filter elements, thus protecting sensitive equipment.

The advantage of our element is the fact that the AW series will fit standard existing filter housings already in service. No new installation is required.


  • Capture Ammonia
  • Protect NOx Analyzers Using CLD
  • Low Cost Disposable Filter Elements
  • Remove Ammonia While Not Interfering With Other Measurements
  • Measurement NOx In The Presence Of Ammonia


  • Emission Testing
  • Meets New Standards
  • Protect Analyzers From Ammonia Residue
Part NumberTemperature RatingTemperature Rating
Element Size0° - 300°F300°F - 900°F
(0.50" x 2.25") 12-57-50KAW12-57-50SAW
(1" x 2.50")25-64-50KAW25-64-50SAW
(1" x 7")25-178-50KAW25-178-50SAW

The “50” Grade element is rated at 99.99% efficiency against 0.01 micron particles.
The “70” Grade element is rated at 95% efficiency against 0.01 micron particles.
Please allow 5 days for delivery on Acid Washed elements. For further information, please contact United Filtration Systems at 1-800-311-5561.