PTFE Elements

PTFE filter elements are recommended for compressed gas and liquid filtration where our microfiber and stainless steel elements are unsuitable. They are obviously suggested with our PTFE and Kynar housings. The elements consist of pure PTFE sintered (under pressure) into cylinders. The “PT” elements have outstanding chemical compatibility and extreme hydrophobic characteristics, which make them ideal for liquid sampling applications. No end caps or gasket materials are required for a positive seal.

Custom units: If you are looking for a custom element, please contact us with your specific needs. We regularly provide the SS elements with male connectors for stack gas monitoring and PTFE elements in other dimensions.


  • Corrosion Resistant
  • For Use In Our PTFE And Kynar Housings
  • Naturally Hydrophobic
  • 3 And 25 Micron Available


  • Corrosive Service
  • High Purity Gas Service
  • Chorine Service
  • Liquid / Fast Loop Service
PTFEDimensionsFits (Housing Series)
Model NumberI.D. x Length
PT-12-32-0.5” X 1.25”Model 110, 315, 705/710 Series
PT-12-57-0.5” X 2.25”Model 120, 315L Series
PT-12-83-0.5” X 3.27”Model 122LB-PVF
PT-12-127-0.5” X 5.00”Model 127IL-3
PT-25-64-1.0” X 2.50”Model 130, 360, 755/760 Series
PT-25-178-1.0” X 7.00”Model 140, 370, 780 Series

The PTFE elements do not require gaskets. Remember to add the micron size to the end of the model number. Available micron sizes are 03 and 25.

Example Part Number: PT-25-64-03