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Coalescing & Particulate Filter Elements

At the heart of any well designed filter housing is the filter element, which when properly specified provides the correct efficiency while optimizing filter life. We understand this and strive to offer a wide range of efficiencies with disposable microfiber elements, sintered polyethylene (PEL), stainless steel, PTFE, and exotics. Our selection of filter elements continually grows, and we are not hesitant to offer new solutions for demanding point-of-use gas and liquid applications.

Disposable In-Line Filters & Adsorbers

Our Disposable In-Line Filters (DIF) consist of permanently welded housings with encapsulated filter elements, whereas our Disposable In-Line Adsorbers (DIA) units contain a bed of adsorption granules. This makes both products ideal for portable analyzers and other analysis systems requiring a robust, easily replaceable filter. A choice of body materials makes them suitable for a wide range of chemical environments.

Filters for Emission Testing

We understand Emission Testing Filtration is critical in obtaining an accurate test result. We therefore offer a wide variety of disposable microfiber grades and binder types to protect your analyzers while delivering a clean and true sample for exact gas analysis. We have the ability to dispatch hydrocarbon free (HCF), high temperature (482°C / 900°F), Acid Washed (Selective Catalytic Reduction), and Pallflex products with same day shipping from our Michigan office.

Compressed Air & Gas Filters / Regulators

Our Compressed Air & Gas series of filters are designed to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for instrumentation, natural gas, analytical, and fuel gas filtration. We specialize in applications under 3” line sizes and up to 20,000 PSIG. Our filter housing selection, along with filter element assortment allows us to solve even the most demanding applications. This flexibility is a real advantage in offering cost effective solutions. Most products are available for same day shipping.

Stainless Steel, Exotic, & Analyzer Filters

We feel our Stainless Steel and Exotic product range offers one of the most comprehensive filtration portfolios for the sample conditioning, analytical, natural gas and petrochemical markets. By having various pressure ranges, line sizes, materials of construction, and user-friendly designs. We empower our customers to choose the correct filter for the application. Remember, we welcome the opportunity to manufacture to your specific requirements too. Stainless Steel products are readily available from inventory and many of the physically smaller exotic housings in Monel and Hastelloy are also in stock for immediate delivery.


Guardian Membrane Separators

Our second generation Guardian Membrane Separators series of filters is the ultimate in sample conditioning filtration. Our unique design, which atomizes incoming liquids through the diffuser plate, provides the actual PTFE membrane the ability to completely and efficiently separate the gas and liquid phases. At the same time, servicing the units is extremely quick and easy. Whether your need is to protect an on-line natural gas (GC) Gas Chromatograph, or a refinery based analyzer we have the variety of products to meet your needs. We also produce the GMS bodies in exotic materials for compatibility issues.

Fast Loop Filters

Fast Loop filters are an extension of our analytical and sample conditioning products. Fast Loop filters are specially designed for heavily contaminated liquid sample analyzers. The continual liquid sweep flushes the filter, while providing a clean sample with minimal filter maintenance.

High Pressure Filters

High Pressure filtration, by its nature is very demanding because of the intense pressure. Our filter housings are ideal for this service since they are 100% machined, not cast, and utilize captured o-rings for positive sealing. Standard product comes in NPT, but SAE and flanged units are readily available. As with our other product ranges we offer a wide variety of filter elements which allows total flexibility in choosing the correct filter element for your specific contaminates. From microfiber, to reinforced, to pleated, to five layered stainless steel and beyond, we have the ability to solve your filtration problem. These assemblies have a proven track record in fuel gas, CNG dispenser, and liquid hydrocarbon applications. Let us design you a solution.

Natural Gas Filters

Natural Gas filtration is very demanding since it is typically at high pressures with excessive levels of liquid contamination. Our filter housings are ideal for this service since they are 100% machined, not cast and have captured o-rings for positive sealing. Our new natural gas series of coalescing microfiber elements utilize our high efficiency design, but with inner and outer support cores for extra strength, and to minimize any fiber migration during system upsets. Our largest units have a built-in stainless steel exterior particulate filter which is unique to the industry. These assemblies have a proven track record in fuel gas, CNG dispenser, and liquid hydrocarbon applications. Let us design you a solution.

Plastic Filter Housings

Our plastic series of filter housings are designed for low pressure, low cost OEM applications. These filters are offered in various materials, and element types to provide options for your application. The nylon assemblies are well suited for coalescing service and corrosive applications because of their chemical resistance. If you do not see what you need, please contact us with your details and we will be happy to quote.

Onstream Liquid Series

Our Onstream series of filters for liquid service incorporates the flexibility that is exhibited in our complete product range. These housings are designed to remove particles from various liquids even the most demanding applications. Our unique full bore head design reduces pressure drop which ultimately increases filter life. Pleated stainless steel elements are used in the most demanding applications, however we do also offer cost effective spun polypropylene elements for simple water or glycol service.

Adsorption Filters, Dehydration Filters, and Dryers

An extension of filtration is chemical adsorption using granules to extract and hold on to unwanted molecules in a gas stream. All of our T-Type filter housings have the ability to be filled with an adsorbent of your choice to scrub your gas stream clean of unwanted contaminates. We do this by modifying the internals so that loose adsorption granules can be packed in the filter housing which than creates an adsorption / dehydration filter or dryer. We also manufacture adsorption columns which can be mounted directly before an analyzer to scrub the gas clean. Since many adsorbents change color these columns are manufactured from acrylic tube which allows for continuous monitoring. For higher pressure applications these can also be manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel.

Balston® / Finite® Cross Reference Charts

In addition to our own extensive line, we offer alternative and equivalent filters to Balston® and Finite®, as well as other competitive products. We have the capability to retrofit and / or upgrade your current filter requirements, while saving you time and money.