Nylon 770 Emission Series Housings

The 770 series is specifically designed for gasoline engine analysis with a coalescing pre-filter and particulate final filter in one housing. The assemblies are designed so that the inlet, outlet and drain connections do not need to be broken in order to service the elements. The 770 series replaces the usual two housing set-up, thus, shortening lag time, allowing fewer connections, easier maintenance, and reducing cost. However, if a two housing set up is still required, we do offer the traditional all nylon “T” type housing. See “700 Series Nylon Housings”.


  • Filter Emission Gases
  • Low Cost, Corrosion Resistant Filter Housings
  • No Metal Contact Surfaces
  • Replaceable Elements For Low Running Costs
  • Durable, Threaded Head To Bowl Connection
  • Accepts Disposable Microfiber Elements
  • Complete Nylon Construction


  • Engine Emission Testing
  • Portable Analyzer Protection
  • Ideal Dual Stage Compressed Air Filter

Each filter requires one coalescing element and one particulate element.

Housing Model707770SL
Port Size (NPT)1/4”"1/4”"
Drain (NPT)1/8”"1/8”"
Maximum Pressure (psig)100100
Maximum Temperature120120
Internal Volume (cc)60115
Principle Dimensions: (inches)
Port to Top of Head0.590.59
Head Diameter1.732.36
Overall Length3.544.53
Element Removal Clearance2.362.75
Filter Element Codes: (One of Each)
Coalescing Element12-25-80C25-35-80C
Particulate Element12-32-60K25-30-60K
Materials Of Construction:
Head & InternalsNylonNylon
O-Rings (Standard)VitonViton
Buna-N O-Ring SetGB707GB770
EPDM O-Ring SetGE707GE770
Kalrez O-Ring SetKZ707KZ770
Silicone O-Ring SetGS707GS770
Viton O-Ring Set StandardGV707GV770