Natural Gas Pilot Valve Filter


Our model 122LB-PVF is ideal for high pressure compressed gas and pneumatic filtration.  Although compact, the 122LB-PVF provides excellent high efficiency filtration in high pressure systems with low pressure drops. The 122LB-PVF comes complete with either a 20 micron sintered polyethylene filter element, model 122LB-PVF-PEL20 or with a 0.01 micron coalescing element, designated as 122LB-PVF-70CS.  In each case, the flow direction is from inside to out so that liquids will be captured, coalesced, and then drained off the element’s exterior wall into a large sump.

The polyethylene element should be used where particulate contamination is a concern, and/or large slugs of liquid are present.  The PEL20 (20 micron polyethylene) is a robust general purpose filter element.  If greater filtration efficiency is required, and the main concern is liquid aerosol contamination, then we recommend using the 12-76-70CS coalescing element which is rated at 0.01 microns against 95% efficiency.  While the grade 70C provides greater efficiency, it actually has a lower pressure drop based upon its microfiber borosilicate construction.

By offering a higher pressure rating, a smaller footprint and a variety of elements with superior efficiencies the 122LB-PVF is an excellent upgrade to the Fisher 252 Series. Plus, the elements are completely interchangeable between the two assemblies.  We also offer a 122LB-PVF with a 1/8”FNPT top head port which makes installation on some systems easier.  This unit is designated as 122LBTP-PVF.


  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pressure To 5,000 PSIG, Temperature To 600°F
  • Compact Design For Fast Response Times
  • 3-Port Housings For Coalescing Or Bypass Filtration


  • Protect Sensitive Analyzers
  • Clean Pilot Supply
  • Meter Skid Filter
Housing Model122LB-PVF
Port Size (NPT)1/4”"
Drain Type (NPT)1/4”"
Maximum Pressure (psig)5000
Internal Volume (cc)53
Reservior / Sump Volume (cc)15
Maximum Temp. - Viton (400ºF) (Standard)GV110
Maximum Temp. - Kalrez (600ºF)KZ110
Weight on Housing (lbs)1.50
Principle Dimensions: (inches)
Center Of Port To Head0.39
Head diameter1.42
Overall Length5.98
Element Removal Clearance3.35
Filter Element Codes:
PEL Filter Element (Standard) (Max. Tem. 200°F)PEL-12-76-20
Disposable Element12-76-70CS
Stainless Steel Element (1)SS-12-76-□
Materials Of Construction: (2)
Head & Internals316LSS
O-Rings (Standard)Viton
Mounting BracketMBSS110
Air Line PressurePEL-12-76-2012-76-70CS
(PSIG)(Standard – Installed in Housing)

(1) Replace “□” with micron rating, i.e., 01, 03, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 (2) Material abbreviations, 316LSS = 316L Stainless Steel

At the heart of our filter products is the filter element. Choosing the correct element insures proper results for your specific application:

Disposable Microfiber Elements

Disposable Microfiber Elements are most commonly used since they offer exceptional filtration, high flows with minimal pressure drops, and excellent chemical compatibility. These are ideal for use in sample conditioning, instrumentation, CNG, and Emission/Environmental service.

  • For Coalescing (liquid removal) and particle collection use our grade “CS”. We recommend starting with the 70CS which is rated at 95% efficient at 0.01 micron which provides outstanding filtration, at high flow rates.

Sintered Polyethylene (PEL)

Sintered polyethylene elements (PEL) are used only in non-corrosive applications to remove bulk contaminates. Standard micron sizes available: 10, 20, and 75. Use the PEL-12-76-20 for heavily contaminated systems.

  • NACE Complaint MR-01-75 For Sour Service
  • Large Reservoir For Remote Sites
  • Wellhead Control Panel Filter

Supply Gas Filter: This filter will remove large amounts of moisture and particulate while still allowing a generous flow for Pilot Gas Applications. This housing is equipped with a 1/4” drain which allows the user to plug the drain or use an optional drain valve.

Analyzer Filter: Point of Use filtration for critical application. The compact design/low internal volume allow a quick response time for sampling applications.

Bottled Gas Filter: Rated for 5,000 PSIG this filter is suited for most bottled gas applications.

NACE Approved: Complies with NACE MR-01-75.

Ordering Information:

  • The 122LB-PVF series can be purchased with or without elements and includes a Viton O-ring:
  • Model 122LB-PVF (no element)
  • Model 122LB-PVF-PEL20 (includes PEL-12-76-20 – 20 micron element)
  • Model 122LB-PVF-70CS (includes 12-76-70CS high efficiency 0.01 micron coalescing element)

Part numbers listed in red are always in stock.

Replacement elements:

  • PEL12-76-20
  • 12-76-70CS

Other elements are available

  • Model 122LBTP-PVF (no element) (with 1/8” head vent port)
  • Model 122LBTP-PVF-PEL20 (includes PEL-12-76-20 – 20 micron element) (with 1/8” head vent port)
  • Model 122LBTP-PVF-70CS (includes 12-76-70CS high efficiency 0.01 micron coalescing element (w/ 1/8” head vent port)

All housings come with a 1/4” solid drain plug which must be removed to drain liquids.  We recommend purchasing the SS-PET-100-1/4 drain valve which allows drainage of the vessel with a simple turn of a knob.

End ConnectionDimensions
TypeInlet SizeABC
Inches (mm)Hex Size
SS-PET-100-1/4”1/4"1.81 (45.97)0.56 (14.22)9/16"

Our stainless steel drain valves offer a simple and reliable method to either drain liquids from a filter housing or vent to reduce the pressure before servicing an element. The knurled knob allows finger tightening of the unit; no tools are required once installed.

The SS-PET-100 is ideally used with our stainless steel series of housings.

A small orifice on the knurled knob allows captured liquids to drain effortlessly.