Filters For Emissions Service

Our Microfiber disposable filter elements are manufactured from precise mixtures of borosilicate glass microfibers to the very highest standards. These elements offer exceptional filtration efficiency at very low-pressure drops and being +90% void volume give very long service life.


  • Complete Removal Of Sub-Micron Contaminants
  • Completely Disposable
  • Suitable For Corrosive Applications
  • High Flow Rates, Low Pressure Drops
  • Suitable For Highly Adsorbent Gases


  • Emission Testing
  • Analyzer Protection
  • Stack Gas Testing
K GradeElements are specified for particulate removal where corrosive gases and liquids are to be filtered as they have excellent chemical resistance. They are also used when highly reactive gases are being analyzed since they exhibit very low levels of adsorption.
ET GradeElements are hydrocarbon-free filters developed to remove particulate for automotive emission testing up to 400°F.
S GradeElements are completely inorganic and are used to filter particulate at temperatures from 300°F to 900°F.
S21-R GradeThe S21-R Type are used in diesel emission applications.
Custom Blended ElementsWe have the ability to produce custom blended filter elements based upon your specific application parameters.   Please do not hesitate to contact us with your details so that we can solve your filtration issues. Call 1-800-311-5561 or Email
SCR Filter Elements
(Acid Washed)
Acid Washed (AW) series of elements capture the excess ammonia that is introduced into the emission stream. This scrubbing is done by a chemical bond between the ammonia (NH3) and the acid washed (Phosphoric) filter elements, thus protecting sensitive equipment. These are commonly referred to as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Filter Elements.

Disposable In-Line Filters & Adsorbers

Our Disposable In-Line Filters & Adsorbers are ideal for portable analyzers and systems requiring an easily replaceable filter.

Nylon Housings

Our 100% nylon housings are an inexpensive, robust solution for emission analyzer service.