Filters with Chlorine Chemical Compatibility

Consider one of our Headline Teflon (PTFE) filter housings for just about any Chlorine based filtration application.  Commercial Bleaching Agents and Chlorine Dioxide based decontamination products can pose unique challenges with regards to filtration.  PTFE is an ideal material for the caustic nature of these chlorine solutions.  Where other materials like Kynar can become dry […] Read more »

Super-critical CO2 Botanical Oil Extraction Applications

Super-critical CO2 is becoming an important commercial and industrial solvent due to its role in chemical extraction and its low toxicity and environmental impact. Fractional Extraction uses the solvency power of CO2 at different pressures and temperatures to isolate desired oils, waxes and other herbal distillates from a variety of plant species. Our food grade […] Read more »

DIF vs. DFU vs. IDN

What do the three terms represent: DIF = Disposable In-Line Filter DFU = Disposable Filter Unit IDN = In-Line Disposable Essentially, the three terms thing varys by manufacturers. Regardless, of the term, they all mean a small point of use completely encapsulated filter (typically a nylon body) with a disposable microfiber element ultrasonically welded inside […] Read more »

New “RPT” Grade Hydrocarbon Free PTFE Bonded Microfiber Elements

Our New “RPT” Grade Hydrocarbon Free Microfiber Elements are now available for immediate delivery. These filter elements combine the best of our standard “K” grade elements and our “S” grade elements for critical emission testing. Our unique PTFE bonding process provides low fiber migration like our “K” type elements and has the ability to reach […] Read more »

Compressor Stations

Compressor stations are an integral part of the natural gas transport system since these stations move the gas to market through the pipeline network. These are typically spread 40 to 60 miles apart and compress natural gas to move it through the pipelines to the final destination. Most stations use either a Turbine/Centrifugal Compressor or […] Read more »

Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge

We are proud to introduce our new Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge, which utilizes a piston magnet, allowing it to be used with our 1500 PSIG model 150-160 Series filter assemblies. The SS150VDI permits at a glance monitoring informing the operator of the filters life expectancy, thus accurately pinpointing the service interval. The dual sided, […] Read more »