About Us

We are a leading worldwide supplier of high efficiency filters for a variety of industries and applications. Our goal is to provide the industrial market place with competent, competitive and timely filter solutions. With a wide choice of standard designs in an assortment of materials, our comprehensive range of filter housings enables greater flexibility for customers. The development of new products is client driven, which ensures continual improvement of our capabilities.

By offering our premier brand, Headline Filters we are able to provide equivalent and alternative solutions to Parker Filters, Balston Filters, Finite Filters as well as a multitude of other brands. We understand that a filter must fit the application and that is why we also welcome the opportunity to manufacture products to your specific OEM needs. Let us be your filtration partner.

We strive to provide unbeatable service.

There is a great deal of technical information contained within this site, so if you require assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail us at sales@unitedfiltration.com or phone us at the following numbers:

  • USA / Canada (1-800-311-5561)
  • South America (01 586 802 5561)
  • International (01 586 254 2349)