Looking For An Alternative For The Fisher 252 Filter?

We are often asked to supply alternative products.  One customer needed a housing similar to the Emerson Process Management’s Fisher 252 but with a higher working pressure.  The Fisher 252 is rated at 2,150 psig (190 bar) and we offered an extended version of our 122 series filter housing called the 122LB-PVF series.  This housing uses […] Read more »

Proper Placement of Coalescing Filters

Coalescing filters are designed to remove condensed water droplets in an air or gas stream.  Remember the filters should be placed as close as possible to the application (valve, meter, instrumentation, regulator) they are protecting.  They should also be placed in the coolest spot in the line to assure that condensation does not happen post […] Read more »

Fast Loop Filters For Liquid Sample Conditioning

The key to remember when specifying a fast loop filter is to use the smallest physically sized unit.  (We have four standard sizes, but frequently make customer units upon request).  And just as importantly utilize the smallest micron possible, to protect your equipment, while meeting the flow requirements listed on the fast loop bulletin. By […] Read more »

Inverted Housings

In many sample conditioning applications, space is limited, and maintenance is extremely critical for proper protection.  Our inverted housings address both these issues by putting all line connections in the “head” of the unit.  This allows for all the tubing to be placed in one plane within the panel, and makes maintenance (element service) easy […] Read more »

3/8″ Ports

By popular demand we now stock our 360 and 370 series with 3/8″ inlet/outlet port connections.  We stock these units in the following models: 360, 360F, 360A, 360AF, 370, 370F, 370A, & 370AF. For more information please call (586) 802-5561 or email henryk@unitedfiltration.com Read more »

Kalrez O-Rings

Have an exotic application? Need Kalrez O-Rings? We realize in many applications your standard Viton or Buna-N O-Rings are not suitable. We therefore stock a large variety of Kalrez, Silicone, and EPDM seals for our various filter housings. We will also install the O-Rings into the housings prior to shipping. This assures you of receiving […] Read more »

PTFE, Kynar, Hastelloy, Monel and More

We offer many of our standard housings in PTFE, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium, Inconel, and other machinable materials.  PTFE is in stock for immediate delivery and typically we keep a handful of small Hastelloy and Monel units in stock, otherwise delivery is normally within four weeks ARO. If your process stream or environment is corrosive, we […] Read more »