Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements for Liquid Service

Our high efficiency PEL filter elements are constructed from virgin polyethylene (H.D.P.E.). The material is in powdered/granular form and then compressed into a sintered tube. This process allows the filter element to be free from foreign binders. Thus, the only compatibility issue is with polyethylene. No end caps or gaskets are necessary to seal the […] Read more »

Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements for Gas Service

Besides our disposable microfiber filters we also offer Sintered Polyethylene (PEL) Elements.  The PEL elements are great as pre-filters, and ideal for heavily contaminated gas systems. In compressed air / gas applications, the PEL elements may be utilized as pre-coalescers or initial coarse filters in severely contaminated systems.  The PEL’s sintered pore structure is perfect for […] Read more »